Improve Your Golf Off The Course

The esteemed golf instructor, Jim Flick, once told me that 75% of all bad shots are caused before you swing the club and hit the ball. Therefore, he reasoned that they could be worked on and corrected inside or in your backyard – away from the golf course or practice range.

Which ones you ask? Setup and Posture, Alignment and Aiming, Grip Pressure, Balance, and your Pre-Shot and Post-Shot Routine are just a few Flick named. Grip Pressure can be practiced in a chair while Setup and Posture can be worked on in front of a mirror. Balance can be practiced in the backyard. Yes, you do need your hands on the club, but you don’t need to be on the practice range or golf course. In fact, if you’re on the practice range hitting shots with your same old swing, you’re making the problems you should be ridding yourself of more permanent.

Swinging a heavy, weighted club in your backyard or holding it in the last three finders of your target hand (left for most) is wonderful for stretching and strengthening your golf muscles. You are building clubhead feel and awareness which is how the golf club swings.

As your hands are the passageway for feel and control between your body and club, they are also the transmitters that carry the images created in your brain. By holding your club and even swinging it through the air, you are adding to your sensitivity, feel, and understanding every day. Along with checking your posture, focusing on your aim, and even rehearsing your Pre-Shot Routine, you are building those tools that will translate into more fun and better scores, even if you can’t practice.