Mom! I Don’t Wanna Go to the Local Ugly, Boring Driving Range!

All of us at World’s Best Golf Destinations agree — no one is doing more to grow the game than Topgolf. Not Tiger and not the USGA — it’s Topgolf that has non-golfers flocking to the driving range in droves. It should be noted that a Topgolf driving range isn’t just any ol’ driving range. There are bright lights, space-age targets, LED screens and chef-curated menus. Even with all the bells and whistles — imagine all the non-golfers that love Topgolf. Indeed, it is a phenomenon in both golf and marketing.

Most people’s golf careers start at a golf clinic. A lot of time it’s a youth clinic and its students are infected with a lifelong addiction to golf. Most youth clinics are at local driving ranges or municipal golf courses and they’re hosted by a local PGA Professional. Kids ooh and ahh as the pro hits a few bombs for the youngsters to admire. Now Topgolf is in this space and they bear their arsenal of sensory stimulants. It must be a tough pitch for parents to convince their kiddos that the local range with old tire targets is a better option than Topgolf.

Topgolf’s Spring Academy is three days of non-stop entertainment and learning for kids. From chipping, putting and full swing, to the rules and etiquette, kids will learn everything they need to know to improve, or start their game. Registration is open now, and the first session will begin on March 3. The three-day clinic costs around $120.

We love the local range just as much as Topgolf — both serve a purpose. And if you’re deciding on where to start your lad’s golf swing — go and meet the instructor. Perhaps take a lesson at both the local range and at Topgolf. Grip, stance and alignment is after all, is a monumental moment in someone’s life.