Montana, What Are You Thinking?

The State of Montana prohibits Chris Kelley from watching his son play high school golf.


According to the  Montana High School Association rule book, Rule No. 12 reads, “No spectators/fans are allowed are allowed on the course except for certain locations as designated by the tournament manager and club professional.”

Chris Kelley, of Emigrant, Montana, launched a petition to protest how the High School Association in Montana (MHSA) forbids parents (like him) from watching their kids play golf. This ban is one of two in America, New Jersey has a similar rule. Additionally, the MHSA also forbids college golf coaches from scouting/watching on-course competition.

Kelley’s son Aubrey, (pictured above) took up golf after watching the 2013 documentary, “The Short Game.” Now 11, as a 10-year-old he competed in the 13-year-old division and was successful. Kelley hopes the petition will spur an edit to the MHSA rule book before his son enters high school.

The petition now has more than 2,300 signatures — to join World’s Best Golf Destinations and sign this petition visit: