Long-Arm Chipping For Better Chipping

Hands are set forward and right arm is long and straight setting up this golfer in a good position to descend upon the ball for a crisp, consistent chip shot.  

(Photo by Mark Newcombe / visionsingolf.com)

Trying to lift the ball into the air is the mistake that most golfers make in playing a chip shot. For crisp consistent chips, the club must be on its downward approach when it contacts the ball. It’s all about the angle of attack.

First, at address, your hands should be positioned in front of the ball and should return to that same position at impact. Secondly, golfers will often set up in the wrong fashion. The faulty approach angle is usually preset at address by lowering your rear shoulder and then bending your back (right) arm as you would be setting up for a tee shot. That encourages a lifting approach with the club. The key is try keeping that back arm (right) straight and long – fully extended as you set up and swing. That will raise your rear shoulder and assure a steeper angle of attack and a solid hit.

When you get down to it, the chip shot is a gentle pinch of a shot in which you can employ the same swing/methodology and change the distance simply by changing the club you choose.