America Golf Deals Monthly: November 2019

There are the golf course we all gladly drop hundreds for a tee time. There are some incredible bargains and there are those in-between which is the place we all want to avoid.

The $450-plus at Pebble, okay fine. That same amount at Wynn Golf Club in Las Vegas? Depends on how much $450 means to you. But here, we’re talking deals and value.

Here is a list quality golf courses in America for less than $50. If any of these tracks are nearby — make the drive. If you’re in the area — add to your schedule.

Legend Trail Golf Club; Scottsdale, AZ
Under $50 is good, under $30 is even better. It’s $29 in the low-season, $100 in high-season. To stay cool, be sure to go off in the summer at 6:30 a.m., it will be 80 F, finish by 11 and it will be 90 F.


White Clay Creek Country Club; Newark, DE
Tee it up for just $40 after 3 p.m. This place is always in pristine condition with a nice restaurant on location and just a couple minutes from Delaware Park Casino and Horse Racing. Is there anything better than a day at the track and on the golf course? And by the way, it’s 51F right now (November 19 at 1:30 p.m. ET)


San Clemente Municipal Golf Course; Clemente, CA
This place has Pacific Ocean views from all holes. It’s a Billy Bell-design just like Torrey Pines, but a lot cheaper. Not quite as close to the water but plenty good.