Air Force One Fairway Woods: Very Solid

Beyond the putter, driver, and wedge, the 3-wood (or 3-metal if preferred) may be the most under-rated club in your bag. If you’re like me, I’m always on the lookout for pinpoint accuracy off the tee and maximum distance from the turf. In both situations, your 3-wood is mighty strategic and I just discovered that the NEW Air Force One Air Foil Fairway Wood nicely fits the bill.

My previous favorite 3-wood had been a Titleist model that was custom fit for me and included an expensive premium shaft. My new off-the-shelf Air Force One Air Foil Fairway Wood at roughly half the cost with its stock shaft exceeds it in both distance and accuracy dispersion. It’s just designed to be an easy-to-hit club, especially if you have trouble getting a fairway wood airborne. How’s that for excitement?

With the Air Force One 3-wood, you don’t have to be the President to get your ball airborne quickly and flying a long way to your desired destination – and the Secret Service won’t be busy looking for your ball in the woods either.

Air Force One Fairway WoodsFirst, I liked the Air Force One’s matte black finish where there is no significant glare when looking down at the club on a bright day. The two slotted foils not only help expand the trampoline effect but also aided me with my alignment. That said, the proof is in the results – the Air Force One 3-wood is a forgiving club that tightened in my accuracy while the nitrogen-infused head is packed for distance. In other words, the ball gets up in the air quickly and keeps on flying toward your target with no loss of distance. And you will especially love this club if previously you have had a problem hitting your 3-wood off the fairway.

From a technical standpoint, the dual slot wave design on both the top and bottom of the clubhead creates a high-launch angle, making it an ideal fairway wood design to help get the ball up. To further enhance shot performance, the nitrogen valve is positioned to increase MOI. The thin face flexes inward at impact, initiating a buildup of pressure inside the clubhead. The face is then thrust back to its original position at high velocity to generate rocketing ball speed and increased distance you get you the trampoline effect typically popular in drivers, but heretofore unable to be unleashed in the lower profile fairway woods because of their face’s smaller surface area. The slots solve that challenge. The design also increases the size of the hitting “sweet spot” into almost a toe-to-toe one that no doubt caused my improved accuracy.

If you not familiar with the name, Air Force One golf equipment has been around since 2009 and was once part of the Powerbilt family always known for their elite persimmon woods back in the day. The companies split and Air Force One shed the Powerbilt name and struck out on their own.

Air Force One burst through the maze of equipment by introducing brand new technology with their Air Force One Driver. Quickly winning many accolades, they used nitrogen to provide additional stability to the clubface. This allowed them to deploy an incredibly thin face (2.6mm), a massive sweet spot, and an increased trampoline effect on contact. This 3-wood is the evolution of that.

“Our brand is known for producing easy-to-hit equipment that increases ball speed for more distance,” says AFO President Ross Kvinge. “One thing we see is average players having a difficult time getting fairway wood shots up in the air. Thus, our goal in the Air Foil dual slot wave design and independent testing shows we achieved our goal. Add in the nitrogen-charged technology and we gave the new Air Foil a one-two punch for increased distance and accuracy.”

The 15-degree Air Force One Air Foil Fairway Wood that I sampled retails at $149 and comes with an AFO Fujikura graphite stock shaft or you can upgrade to other shaft options for an extra $50. A 19-degree 5-wood is also offered.

Don’t just take my word for it. Independent testing has proved the Air Foil Fairway Wood to be one of the easiest fairway woods to hit off the deck, creating a high trajectory on-line missile to the target. I recommend you test the Air Force One Air Foil Fairway Woods too.