Why Jack Is the Greatest of All-Time

Mr. Jack Nicklaus turned 80 today — he’s doing really well too. He still makes cameos for (Jack Nicklaus Design) golf course redesigns and grand re-openings. He showed up for the Great Waters golf course reset at Reynolds Lake Oconee in October 2019. That’s class — he has 22 grandchildren and likely prefers hanging with them, but he’s still flying around the world and shaking hands.

The Golden Bear is the undisputed greatest of all-time.

Here’s why.

But first, I’ll speak for the Tiger enthusiasts.

  • When Tiger leads after 36-holes, he wins 84.8-percent of the time compared to Jack’s 63-percent
  • Tiger has 41 wins on the European Tour (T3 all-time) compared to Jack’s nine (T37 all-time)
  • Tiger made the cut in 142 consecutive PGA Tour events from 1998-2005 which is 29 more than the second-longest streak in the Tour’s history (Byron Nelson, 113 in a row). There are only four other such streaks even half as long as Woods’.
  • Tiger has won 82 PGA Tour events (T1 all-time) compared to Jack’s 73 (3rd all-time)
  • Tiger has won approximately 26-percent of the tournaments he’s entered while Jack won 18-percent

Everyone agrees — Tiger is amazing. He’s phenomenal, but he’s No. 2 and even the “Big Cat” would admit if he were being honest in a simple Q&A. And by the way, Jack has 117 professional wins compared to Tiger’s 109, but that includes Senior Tour wins for the Bear and he probably doesn’t even count those.

Here’s the question that puts this conversation to bed.

WBGD: Tiger, would you trade your 82 PGA Tour wins and 15 majors for 70-something wins and 19 majors?
Tiger Woods: Yes

Tiger would prefer to have the majors lead — he wants the majors lead.

It’s implausible to imagine Tiger Woods experiences envy when it comes to golf, but he does with Jack. Because golf is the ultimate endurance game and a pristine round can be ruined with a choke on 18. Golf is a marathon and it’s not over until the final putt is holed.

Advantage Jack.