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At concierge golf we have categorized eleven different types of golf trips to best describe your pending golf experience to Ireland or Scotland at the World’s best golfing destinations. Therefore knowing which category you select, we can design an awesome golf experiences for you and your friends to enjoy. Our goal is just simple to create the world’s best golfing holiday for you to enjoy and ensuring you are getting the best value for your money.

  • The seasoned golf traveler

Ah! You know what golf courses you want to play and what standards of accommodation you prefer. You would prefer to stay in one area and maybe not travel as much as previous golf trips to play golf and you may have a few new friends from the last visit. Just simply enjoy a week of playing golf at one or two courses, hanging out with friends, visit the various restaurants in the area and just have a good relaxing time.

  • Your first golf trip to Ireland

This is your first golf trip to Ireland and your friends have told you stories about their golfing adventures. They have advised you about all the great Irish links golf courses you need to play! Well you can play all those golf course, but this will take a few weeks of travelling up and down the Irish countryside. We recommend that you split up Ireland into golfing regions and pick one. Then spend some extra time in one place and enjoy the culture. For example, South & Southwest, West & Northwest, Northern Ireland, The Midlands, the East of Ireland and the center of Ireland. Most of the famous golf courses are located on the coast lines of Ireland and driving to each golf course is considered an adventure by most people that have rent a car in Ireland for the first time! Or take a look at our website; Concierge golf website request a golf tour


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  • Short trip and play 36 holes a day

Every day you are teeing up the ball and playing 36 holes at times at 7.30am & 230pm daily. If you are not used to walking you might feel some stiffness in your legs muscles, lower back and hips. But most golf courses in Ireland will have golf carts available for hire and just be sure, please book the golf carts well in advance.

To reduce down the risk of muscle stiffness or injuries, we would recommend that you work on a flexibility program before you embark on this trip. For the 36 holes a day trip; select an area where the golf courses you want to play are not longer than an hour’s drive apart. May we suggest avoiding driving fatigue and for this type of trip we strong recommend to hire a chauffeured driven vehicle, a taxi service and if you can avoid renting a car.

  • The pub grub golf trip

This is a fun and adventure type golf trip. You knows who you will meet and who knows what fun you can have! We would recommend this trip for night life lovers! You probably want to select tee times after 12pm and work on your singing voice prior to this trip. Your accommodation would generally be only one hotel or B&B or some of the great Irish pubs may also caters for bed & breakfast, evening meals with a local sing song for casual entertainment that evening. These great multitasking pubs can be found in seasonal coastal areas! Thankfully Concierge Golf will only recommend the greatest pubs and B&Bs for you to enjoy. For example; Morrisseys Seafood bar & Restaurant in Doonbeg is perfect for this trip.


19th hole at Tralee Golf Club

  • The Spa and dine golf trip

This is a nice and relaxing golf trip to Ireland. You might like the idea of spending 12 days in Ireland between two hotels. The hotels we would recommend will have a really great Spas and the hotels will be located close to the great Irish Golf links courses and towns. So you could enjoy great food, play golf every second day and enjoy the great Spas on offer.

  • The couples golf trip

This is a type of trip where two couples can make up a Fourball each day. This is simply great golf and the folks can take time to enjoy the local cuisine, the pubs and the local traditional music. The ladies and or gents may prefer a Spa’s day in the middle of the trip or perhaps even a spot of fishing whilst the ladies or gents enjoy a day of shopping. We can typically arrange all kinds of activities, such as local shopping trips, cooking schools, music lessons, genealogy, golf lessons, sightseeing & a whole host of fun things to do.

  • The family golf trip

You could choose to spend the family holiday in Ireland or Scotland at a self-catering house, a hotel, B&B, swap house & etc. Play golf as family, some family members may decide that they would like to learn to play better golf? Perhaps you might like the idea of playing golf with one of the teaching professionals at concierge golf? You can enjoy family meals together, barbecues, create your own menu and enjoy the culinary skills of a local chef to cook for the family? Or bring the whole family; enjoy an Irish period house out in Co. Kilkenny (Upper manor House). The kids could enjoy learning the duties of a stable hand, pick and prepare the vegetables for dinner, collect eggs for breakfast and a whole lot more.


On the range at Old Head Golf Links

  • The President’s golf trip

The President of the golf club is arranging a golf trip for his/hers’ club members. The transportation, tee times, accommodation and maybe one or two evening meals would be included this package. However to keep the trip interesting; the President may add a golf tournament format to be played by the group. Such as skins games, modified Stableford, blind fourballs & etc.

There would also be an option to take your non-golfing partner along on the same trip and he/she can enjoy a range of different tourist activities. Therefore you would expect to see optional day trips on your daily schedule whilst the golfers are on the links! The good news is Concierge Golf can arrange all such games and tourist activities on behalf of the group. So the President’s group can enjoy the trip fully and avoid the tournament administration or any tasking duties.

  • The Pro-am golf trip

Ah the serious golfers! This is a golf tour arrange for a number of golf club to enter a team. Sometimes the club Head-pro and the first assistant would play golf with their club members or with some of their friends.

This is a great trip to meet up with a wide range of golfers from different golf clubs. This group typically will stay at nice hotels with available rooming options for single of double occupancy and a couple of scheduled group dinners. Plus you may enjoy tournament golf in truly Irish or Scottish weather conditions. Don’t leave home without your rain wear.

  •   Helicopter Golf

The group will stay in one location and fly helicopters to play all their favorite top links courses. To offer you an example; typically if you stayed at Tump-Doonbeg and its only a mere 15 minutes by helicopter to Ballybunion, 17 Minutes to Tralee, and approx. 35 minutes to Waterville Golf Links. You can play 36 holes a day and be back in time for dinner. I must say, if you have a few bucks to spare helicopter golf is by far the best way to golf and travel around Ireland on an Irish Golf Tour.

Helicopter Golf

Helicopter Golf

  • The girls or boys golf trip

We would define this group as a bunch of friends that have decided to get together, travel to Ireland or Scotland to play golf for a week and catch up over the last ten years or so. Play a tournament and switch up the pairing each day, we are sure to suggest where all the good entertainment, perhaps view and attend an Irish hurling game! Hang out in the fun places and talk about the old days. Just enjoy good clean honest fun.

Concierge Golf services at a glance can offer you:

We ensure all your tee times, transportation, accommodation and where to dine are booked and paid for prior to arrival. Thus your tee times, accommodation, transportation, dining and a list of optional activities to do, will be on your Irish Golf Tour itinerary. Whilst travelling In Ireland with Concierge Golf; you will have 24 hour concierge support and we will do our very best for you should you need to change parts of the itinerary. We offer a wide range of day trips that can be arranged, such as fishing, cycling, cooking classes, sightseen, genealogy, golf coaching, shopping, equestrian, events, special catering for small groups, private dining, meetings, extra nights, change your flights, sporting evening and concert events.


The boys on an Irish Golf Tour, Ballybunion Golf Club


A brief note about the cost of such trips.

Golf trips can be as low as €625 for four days golf, B&B and car hire or you could pay as high as €5,000. Before you decide what is your budget? We suggest that you should quickly research the golf courses you would like to play and figure out how much each course is via their websites. We can design and make suggestions for the best itinerary possible based on the information you have provided.

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