Dominican Republic: “I Went Swimming In a Lagoon Today”

Everyone’s happy at resorts. Perhaps the sprawling joy is essential as the aqua oceans and sunshine. And if bliss were measured then “people from cold climates in Dominican Republic” are the standard. They beam, relish and bask in the heat with an unmatched appreciation.

The poolside Kite Bar at Westin Puntacana

A husband and wife from Connecticut are hanging at the Westin Puntacana Resort & Club’s Kite Bar. It’s just a few steps from the hotel’s main pool which sits about 100-yards from the ocean. The massive pool is surrounded by swaying palms and is soundtracked by tropical tunes. The couple are catching rays and smiling from ear-to ear. Both have lengthy NYC work commutes and hate them with a passion. They also dread cold winters which they’d prefer to never see again. But at this moment, mojitos are in-hand and all is right — they ooze joy.

Neither play golf, but they’re happier than John Daly at a Hooter’s happy hour. The La Cana Course and Corales Golf Club are nearby and it’s kinda sad they’ll miss that portion of the trip, but they don’t mind. They exchange hate for the snow with another couple from Long Island seated a few stools away. It’s a steady mix of, “I love the D.R. and I don’t wanna go home.”

The bartender makes another round and says to the gentleman, “So, how’s your day been so far?”

He perks up with a big smile and replies, “My day!? I went swimming in a lagoon today! Yeah! Are you kidding me? A freshwater lagoon! My day is off to an amazing start!”

It’s hard to imagine a trip to the Caribbean without golf, but it’s happens often because anyone can appreciate a lagoon.

Within the confines of the Puntacana Resort & Club, the Ecological Reserve is a network of trails with 12 freshwater lagoons along the way. The area provides habitat for birds, reptiles, insects and other local flora and fauna. Self-guided visits to “Ojos Indígenas” Ecological Park and Reserve are free for hotel guests at Tortuga Bay and The Westin Puntacana Resort & Club as well as Puntacana Resort & Club homeowners and residents.