TorreMirona Golf Resort – Your Secret Spanish Hideaway!

I discovered TorreMirona the same way I discovered many of many best finds by accident. A decade ago, while driving south from France towards Barcelona. I was tired, pulled into a rest area somewhere north of Girona, Spain, and typed “hotels near me” into my I-phone. Which is how I roll when I travel, I just go with the flow. I eat when I’m hungry, I drink when I’m dry, and I book hotels when I want to sleep.  When it’s time to stop, I stop wherever I happen to be, thank goodness I stopped there, wherever “there” was? Low and behold there was a golf resort nearby, and at a very reasonable price. I fell in love with the place at once, and one night quickly turned into several days.

Easy to Reach and With Lots to Do in The Area TorreMinrona is the Perfect Base to Relax or Explore

I have returned many times since, for despite being just 20 minutes from Girona, and less than 90 minutes from Barcelona this is a truly tranquil, and relaxing place. It’s out in the country with no road noise, no flight paths overhead, and nothing but the delightful sound of the birds coming from the surrounding neighborhoods. It’s quiet here, very quiet, and occasionally that’s a good thing. I can play golf in the morning, and work on the veranda in the afternoon inspired by the mountain scenery. I sit there now at 8 pm, sipping local wine, and a few walkers are still venturing out, what a great time to play, they will still get nine holes in before the sun sets with the entire course to themselves. 

The treacherous par three, 5th is the course’s toughest hole by far.

What Makes TorreMirona Special Is What It’s Not 

Most resorts define themselves by what they are, TorreMirona could easily make a case for itself by defining what it is not. The golf course is not long or hard, features just four water hazards, and you can easily find your ball in the rough. That’s not to say there are not some challenging holes. The par three 5th with its long iron tee shot to a semi-island green is a perfect card wrecker for players of any caliber. While the short but severely uphill eighth hole is a tight as a tee shot as gets with trees left and out of bounds right. The long par four, 16th is tough, as is the risk, reward par 5, 18th but you can count the tough holes on one hand. The beauty of Torremirona is the exact opposite of what many of today’s mega resorts offer. It is not a 7,500-yard, water-filled, jungle-lined, ball-eating monster, with alligators in the ponds and snakes in the rough. Instead, it’s small, intimate, player-friendly, and fun, key ingredients to a truly great golf trip missing at so many places. 

Always in Wonderful Condition

TorreMirona is always in beautiful condition, with fast smooth greens that are very receptive to approach shots, and with well-maintained tees and fairways. The bunkers are filled with a heavy grade of sand to protect them from the wind, and the coarse granules take some getting used to, of course, you could always just avoid the bunkers. There are plenty of birdie opportunities with a wedge in your hands although hitting a three wood off several tees will leave you in a better strategic position for scoring than hitting a driver.

The par 4, 3rd hole is one of my favorites a mid-length par for from an elevated tee with wonderful views of the hole, the entire back nine, and the mountains beyond. Plus, the hole looks great looking both ways which is always a bonus.

The Perfect Place to Practise

One reason I first stayed here was that it has an excellent grass range with the appropriate targets, and distance markers ideal for those who love working on their game. I am a “range rat” I could write a book on the world’s best ranges so many have taken divots from. Although this one is not fancy I love it because of the great turf, decent balls, and level surface so you can actually tell how far you are hitting your shots. It’s also home to the noted Steve Scott Golf Academy for those who need a little extra help with their game or custom club fitting. 

TorreMirona offers great range facilties for range rats like me who just love to hit balls
Beautiful mountain views can be had from most of the course

Plenty to Do After Golf

After golf, you can relax around their large pool area which is surrounded not by concrete but by a beautiful, lush lawn. There is also a small private spa that you can rent for the out for you or your party. This includes a beautiful hot tub, steam room, sauna, various showers, and a cold plunge pool. Massages, tennis, and paddle tennis courts are also available 400 yards away at the sporting club.

The pool and spa offer the perfect place to relax post round

For the more energetic grab, one of the resort’s trail bikes and explore the neighborhood, or just relax and enjoy a cocktail on the terrace, and watch the players tackle the short par 3, 10th hole. Although just 130 yards from the tee it’s surprising how many balls take a swim in the pond to the left of the green. 

The 10th green and spectacular nightly sunset over the mountains from the terrace.

Wonderful Local Food and Wines Only Add to Your Experience 

TorreMirona is the perfect place for a couple’s getaway or for four guys more interested in golf, food, and wine than coursing the streets in search of some nightlife, for there is none here anyway. The views of the surrounding mountains are spectacular, and dinner on the Terrance as the sun sets is a peaceful treat to be photographed and savored for years to come. The food here is first class for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The wine list is solid, and the overall value is far better than the vast majority of resorts. The local fish is a good bet as is the Octopus for the sea is not very far away, and you won’t go wrong with the lamb or the beef either.

PGA Catalunya offers 36 holes of very challenging golf 45 minutes away, and art lovers will not want to miss the Dali Museum in Figueres just 10 minutes away. The only problem is once you are at Torremirona you won’t want to leave 

The par 5, 18th offers the long hitting a tantilizing risk reward shot

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At a Glance:

  • 18 holes of fun playable golf 
  • Back nine is an easy walk the front nine more challenging 
  • Golf Boards and carts are available 
  • Beautiful mountain views
  • Excellent grass range and the Steve Scott Golf Academy 
  • Wonderful food and local wine served on a magnificent terrace overlooking the course
  • Friendly staff 
  • Classy low key real estate development set well back from the course 
  • Relaxing atmosphere 
  • Large pool area surrounded by a lush lawn 
  • 49 nice rooms with everything you need 
  • Friendly staff
  • PGA Catalunya, 45 minutes away from Girona 30, Barcelona 90 the Dali Museum, is 10 minutes
  • Instead of bragging about how many balls you lost, and how high your score was you can tell your friends, how few balls you lost and what great scores you shot!