The Power Move

Mark Wood Golf Coach

When I am standing on the practice range coaching, its not uncommon for my client to turn around and say to me “I know what happened there I lifted my head on that shot” after they have hit a bad shot……….

“Really” I say “Come and have a look at this”

I will invite then over to take a look at the video evidence of that particular swing and it really shocks them as they find that their eyes are still glued down at the ground, where the ball was, long after it has gone. I then say to them “so you lifted your head on that shot”…. Their response is “well that is what my playing partners say when we are out playing”

I am always encouraging my students who fall into to this category to keep watching the ball, let your eyes follow the ball, do not keep looking down at the ground as this will restrict you from turning your body through impact and to the full finish, costing you POWER and YARDS!!!

It is vital to create a free flowing motion when swinging the golf club as this will create speed and therefore POWER and EXTRA YARDS, so keeping your head down for too long will lose you power and distance.

Bad shots are caused by things that have gone wrong in either the backswing or downswing, not because you lifted your head…..

Next time your practicing or playing remember to let your eyes follow the ball and enjoy the extra YARDS!!!

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