The Huge Variety of Weird and Wonderful Gadgets

Once again, golf has every other sport beat when it comes to the variety of weird and wonderful gadgets, dubious and otherwise, to help improve your game. There are thousands of contraptions, many of which would not look out of place in a medieval torture chamber I once visited in Spain. They are designed to help you keep your head down, break your wrist in the right place, keep your arms connected and ensure everything stays on plane.

Gadgets2If you’re like many golfers instead of taking a bathroom break you stay rooted to the couch to watch those Golf Channel infomercials that promise to help you groove your swing or add 20 yards to your drives.

Who can forget the Alien wedge? The Perfect Club? Or the Sensi grip? A boat paddle like attachment that none other than Jack Nicklaus referred to as “The most practical training aid he has ever seen.” No doubt largely because he was getting pad a large amount of money to say so.

The truth is that while many training aids are over hyped some really can help you improve your tempo, your alignment and your game. I have tried a few including; the Meticus, the famed double-hinged club that has enjoyed a longer success run on late night TV than David Letterman. It really does a good job of slowing down your swing and helping you with tempo.

I have also used David Leadbetter’s Swing Setter Pro and a straightjacket promoted a while back by Jimmy Ballard to ‘stay connected’. As a kid I had a golf ball with just a tiny strip of rubber to promote pure striking of a putt. If not hit perfectly square it would wobble like a drunk. It was a very good one and I used to practice with it on the tiled floor of my hallway so I’d be ready for the speed when I eventually reached, those glass like greens at Augusta National

My friend Dr. Gary Wiren is the world’s leading expert on swing aids and has amassed several hundred over the years. I asked for his top picks and he suggested the Impact bag, the power fan, the swing eez and the Orange whip to name just a few of the hundreds listed on his website

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