Learn 10 Things About Topgolf: Topgolf Offers Big Burger

Like a kid stepping in an arcade, it’s natural to jump in a Topgolf bay and start lashing golf balls. It’s sensory overload with cold beer, Toptracer ball flight tracking technology, tunes and blinking lights. However, a conversation with Senior Marketing Manager Brandon Gabay at Topgolf The Colony, Texas opens the door to the company’s arsenal of offerings. Our talk proves to be educational — there’s a lot more happening than just target practice.

Learn 10 Things About Topgolf

Here are 10 things I learned from my visit and interview with Senior Marketing Manager Brandon Gabay.

  1. If The System Doesn’t Properly Record Your Score – You Can Edit It Technology isn’t perfect and never will be. I’ve visited Topgolf five or six times and occasionally had a ball that wasn’t scored properly. Let’s say you hit a bullseye and get no points – no problem. You can fix it– before the next player requests a golf ball, press the screen and click “edit score”. Not only does it fix the mistake, but it alerts the Topgolf team of the problem.
  2. Embrace the Topgolf Differences! Feel free to bank shots off the side nets and roll or bounce shots in. You don’t have to hit targets on the fly to score points.
  3. It Offers Memberships There are two membership options: $300 for three months or $500 for six months which includes unlimited game play for up to six players, Monday through Friday from open to 3 p.m. Memberships are valid at all U.S. locations excluding Wood Dale, IL; Las Vegas, NV and Alexandria, VA.
  4. They Have Callaway Rentals This is ideal for the super-serious Topgolf guy. If the standard-issued equipment doesn’t meet someone’s standards, then feel free to grab a set of Callaway rentals for $15.

    The outfield at Topgolf, The Colony, Texas

    The outfield at Topgolf, The Colony, Texas

  5. There’s a Horizontal Trench Target at the Very Back Net This is the farthest target and points are scored by either bouncing a ball in or hitting the back net and then ball will naturally fall in the trench.
  6. Topgolf Deals! $15 per person unlimited golf is available Monday through Friday from open to noon and look for half price Tuesdays. For those that think Topgolf is expensive – here are a few ways to save.
  7. Topgolf Brunch Food is a big part of the experience and Gabay highly recommends brunch available weekdays until noon and weekends until 2 p.m.
  8. Topgolf’s Meeting/Party Space Opens Up to Become a Bay Birthday parties, corporate events and Bar Mitzvahs are easy at Topgolf. The space for dancing, cutting cake and speeches adjoin with bays which makes for an easy transition. Smash the piñata in the party room, then open the large sliding glass doors for drinks and golf.

    Man eating 40-ounce cheeseburger

    Nothing gets the party started like a 40-ounce cheeseburger

  9. It Has a 40-Ounce Hamburger Good for a competitive eater or team of hungry friends. It’s like six hamburgers in one; it’s 40-ounces of Certified Angus Beef, caramelized onions, American Cheese, chipotle aioli, lettuce, tomato, pickles and French fries. The Mega Burger is $29, $32 at Topgolf Las Vegas and not available at Auburn Hills, Brooklyn Center, Columbus, Mount Laurel and Pharr.
  10. Topgolf Crush Tour Every golfer has thought about hitting golf balls in a stadium and here it is. Formerly known as Safeco Field, now T-Mobile Park, Topgolf Crush debut participants hit golf balls from the grandstands at targets on the field. Check for the Crush Tour coming to a stadium near you.

Shortly before my exit Gabay shares a stat that blows my mind — he tells me, “24-percent of new golfers were first introduced to golf at a Topgolf facility.”

It’s a hard stat to measure and even if it’s a bit high — no doubt about it that Topgolf is leading the charge.

Visit: topgolf.com