Miura Pp-9003 Review: Best Irons Ever?

miura pp-9003 review

Miura irons are available in blade or cavity

If only William Shakespeare were still alive to write the love story or if Marvin Gaye were here to sing the song then perhaps our feelings for the miura pp-9003 review could be properly expressed.

We are in love.

These low-carbon, premium steel forged irons are pure like Ben Crenshaw’s putting stroke. The four-iron through pitching wedge set is crafted in Miura’s own forge in Himeji, Japan they’re finished with nickel (satin) chrome or a black boron finish.

Here’s where it gets interesting.

Their consistency helped our full golf swing, which improved our tee shots and fairway wood play too. Good equipment can give a player confidence and help their overall game – we can endorse that thought.
Our first round of golf with the PP-9003’s was at Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs, Colorado (altitude is an empowering place to break in irons). The forged cavity-back construction offers a solid feel and ample forgiveness. As promised, the sole does indeed “glide confidently through the turf.” We hit a few chunky shots and the ball still carried well.

This may seem like a paid miura pp-9003 review, but World’s Best Golf Destinations did not receive payment – our love is real.

Katsuhiro Miura began making golf clubs in 1957

Katsuhiro Miura began making golf clubs in 1957

We spoke with Bill Holowaty, Miura executive vice president from his office in Vancouver, “My relationship with Miura family, goes back 30 years, I played pro hockey in Japan. I lived there and became well connected with the country – I would go back every year for a hockey camp. And as a golf nut, I would stop by the Miura factory. The first time was in mid-90’s and at first, I was shocked to see that the world’s top manufacturers of forged irons were being made there too. Miura was doing OEM manufacturing. Mr. Miura made me a set and people back home loved them. We knew we had to bring them to North America so we did.”

We discussed some of the words that described how Miura irons feel to us, we mentioned the words soft and buttery – this wasn’t the first-time Holowaty had heard those. We also discussed the popular documentary “Jiro Dreams Of Sushi.” This wasn’t the first-time Holowaty had heard comparisons of Jiro Ono to Mr. Miura.

Miura irons are made with a 14-step manufacturing process and each process is paramount to the final product. At every step the tolerance plus or minus half a gram. For example, a five iron is 257 grams and at each step, the required weight must hit the mark.

“There is a Mr. Miura and there is a Miura factory in Japan. This is not a marketing company. This is a family delivering real products to golfers around the world. And we’re simply trying to tell their story,” Holowaty added.

For us… the Miura story is a romance.

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