Solheim Cup Gear Preview: Q&A with Jofit CEO Joanne Cloak

This summer, WBGD received a special sneak peak at Jofit’s Firecracker collection – the look that was inspired by the brand’s official uniforms for Team U.S.A. at the 2019 Solheim Cup. With play beginning this week, WBGD had the opportunity to chat with brand founder and CEO Joanne Cloak, to discuss what inspired the look, who helped put it together and what’s next for the brand.

WBGD: Tell me about the concept behind the uniforms for Team U.S.A. What was your inspiration, aside from the Firecracker collection?
Cloak: Aside from the obvious red, white and blue, we wanted a print that was powerful, cool, but also sophisticated. We found the retro star print to be just that! We are usually attracted to very athletic prints as opposed to floral feminine prints. You’ll also find mesh detailing that is breathable, on trend and so flattering. Once in a while, we will offer a feminine print for those sisters who enjoy it, but as a rule, we like powerful, athletic looks! Plus, the Solheim Team is definitely cool and powerful, and I wanted to make sure we had something that represented them and our country in a fabulous way.

WBGD: What’s your favorite piece that Team USA will wear? Any special considerations you had to take when outfitting players for a climate like Scotland?
Cloak: If I had to pick one element that I’m most excited about with these uniforms, it’s the wrap skirt with tights! We know there is a chance that the weather will be chilly. Jofit is not the outerwear provider, so we did everything we could to ensure the ladies don’t have to wear outerwear unless it’s pouring rain.

These “trouser” tights have four pockets. They are made with Nylon Spandex, which is an incredibly strong fiber that can sustain a very tight compression fit without stressing the fabric. These tights are made to compress! They have a high waistband for comfort, rear pockets for score cards and yardage books, as well as for “hail damage” coverage. The front pockets are perfect for tees and markers…and an extra ball if you are like me…long and wrong!

The wrap skirt is a perfect reversible Velcro cover with rear pockets. The giant USA print on the sides of this skirt is simply kick ass. The wrap skirt is a perfect piece to cover your tights during cold weather golf, as well as a cover up when you leave the gym to go about your entire day.

WBGD: Tell me about Jofit’s relationship with Juli Inkster and the influence she’s had on the brand.
Cloak: We have a wonderful relationship with Juli. She’s been a Jofit ambassador for a few years now. We know her style, and she loves our polos with our belted golf short or Mina skort. The great thing about the Jofit collections is that you can find something for every BODY. You will see that with the Solheim uniforms as well… some players will wear skorts with tights, some will wear pants and some will wear shorts. We adapted the outfits to fit the players and their style preferences. Comfort is key! We think when you feel your best, you preform your best.

WBGD: Aside from Juli, did you collaborate with any other USA members on putting together this look?
Cloak: The design process began with Juli and I. Anne McCarthy from the LPGA, and our dear friend Katie Miller took care of the logistics and requirements for each day of the tournament. When we had our first fitting with the potential team members, we knew that we got it right! We did ask their opinion on a few things, but boy was it a fun time! Such great energy and fantastic women in general. Let’s just say that they wanted the uniforms to be as patriotic as possible! You will definitely see that on August 15th!

WBGD: When you started Jofit, did you ever even imagine becoming the official uniform sponsor for a big-name tournament like this and having your work make it to such a global stage?
Cloak: Not in a million years! When I began this company, I was looking to create something with a better fit to play /live in. I just wanted something to wear for myself that I could sell to other women so I could have an excuse to create these goods for my own use. When it became apparent that other women were also enjoying the fit, I went to town creating everything I had ever dreamed of wearing. How fun is that?

As the business grew, we became more enterprising and more ambitious, however, outfitting the Solheim Cup Team was still not in my dream scape. Having an opportunity to create amazing, fun, fabulous fitting outfits for this team is simply taking my breath away! I met several of the team members at a fitting in Phoenix. Not only is the LPGA wonderful to work with, but these ladies are a blast! This is going to be EPIC FUN!

WBGD: What does it mean to you to have achieved this milestone?
Cloak: People often ask me, “Are you proud of yourself for growing the Jofit brand to this point?” As most of you know, it is the team who got us to this point and I am lucky enough to be a member. When we spend years planning, creating, designing, fitting, selling and shipping, we get so busy with our heads down we never look up to see what we have accomplished. I think this Solheim experience is going to be that moment when we sit back and pat each other’s back. I’ll let you know how it feels when it finally becomes real!

WBGD: What’s next for the Jofit brand? Where are focusing your energy
Cloak: Jofit is about to launch several new initiatives: new website, new operating systems, new design theory, new technical fabrics, new technical trims, and new divisions. We love our sisters, we know our sisters, we are our sisters. We are all searching for that brand that makes us look our best, that brand that we can trust to purchase knowing it will fit and function perfectly. Jofit is taking our flattering fit to Athleisure in a big way! We have new Athleisure launches every 30 days. Now I can wear absolutely everything I ever dreamed of to the gym, lunch, dinner, work and traveling. Our compression tights allow everybody to wear tights. These tights offer rear pockets to they hide my hail damage and lack of perkiness to my sad old butt! They are magic! Can’t wait until every one of our girlfriends have an opportunity to feel confident and comfortable in a pair of tights. Look out!

The Firecracker collection – which was inspired by Team USA’s uniform in the 2019 Solheim Cup is available now.





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