G/FORE at the 2016 Masters

Bubba WatsonBubba Watson wore the Pacific blue glove today, coupled with the Gallivanter IV.0 Charcoal shoe. He will then show off some of brighter G/FORE color choices for his second round on Friday. His Saturday choice captures the spring mood in yellow with the Fly glove and Striped Onyx Gallivanter IV.0 as he attempts to make his mark on Saturday’s “moving day.” And the green Clover glove is appropriate for Sunday’s final round, partnered with matching custom Gallivanter shoes.

The G/FORE brand was created by fashion-industry pioneer Giannulli – founder of the billion-dollar clothing company Mossimo Inc. in 2011 after he became frustrated in his search for colorful and functional golf gloves… problem solved.

Visit: gfore.com




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