Balance Your Way Out Of A Hitting Slump

If you’re like me, when I am having difficulties striking the ball, the culprit is inevitably balance and tempo. They are usually related. Too fast or jerky a tempo and balance is affected. Consistently good balance is a prerequisite to effective shot-making. And I’ll venture to say that you will never observe a great player who is consistently off-balance and rarely see a poor ball-striker who has excellent balance.I’ve been told that average players play from the waist up, good players from the waist down, and in conjunction with this balance issue, great players play from the knees down. Your weight should never get on the outside of either foot to create this balanced power base. This may be awkward or counter-intuitive to those hoping for a powerfully good strike, but watch any great players and they will prove this point. So how can you practice to better assure this balance?


I like hitting balls with my feet together. This would include a complete practice session and every club in the bag. As you do this, you will sense the muscles in your outer thighs pressing to maintain your place and balance. If you lose your balance, it will be your signal to scale back, perhaps slow down your tempo, and focus upon your balance. Do this for an entire practice session and I guarantee you’ll experience a more stable, balanced golf swing, and perhaps an important step to leaving your hitting slump.


ABOUT: Bob Fagan

Bob FaganBob Fagan features one of the most interesting backgrounds in golf. Not only it is likely that Bob has played more golf courses than any living person, he has been an accomplished player and instructor, innovative golf and life coach, PGA Section Executive Director, golf company executive, “Expert Golf Witness,” and, of course, a highly acclaimed golf writer.