30 Yards in 30 Minutes – Power Key 3


Look at a picture of any Tour Pro at impact and you will see how open their hips are to the target line.  In extreme cases the belt buckle is practically facing the target.  This is a serious power move; behind it is the need to clear the left side out of the way, an action which affords the entire right side the room to really fire through the impact zone.  Too many amateurs keep very parallel to the ball-to- target line at impact, a powerless position which enforces a weak and flippy strike with hands and arms only. Here’s how to get that left side out of the way.

  1. The benefit of making that tight, coiled backswing is that your downswing starts correctly for you. When you correctly turn your shoulders a lot more than your hips, you will feel your hips wanting to snap back, releasing the springy coil you have created.
  2. Allow this to happen and you will find this position early in your downswing. That release of the stored wind-up will automatically prompt a slight lateral move towards the target.  Your weight moves back towards your front foot as your releasing left hip begins the process of turning your left side out of the way.  Already, my hips are back to parallel to the ball-to-target line.  But it can still go wrong from here.

Power key

3. Keep rotating-

It’s vital you commit to a feeling of rotating throughout your downswing.  If your body stays in this parallel position, the only thing you have left to hit the ball with are your hands and arms.  In themselves they can’t produce much power, and you will tend to flip the clubhead over, hitting big flat hooks.

So develop that feeling of rotating through the downswing.  But help it along by firing your right side through the ball.  See here how my right knee is virtually level with my left and my belt buckle is almost facing down the fairway.  I’ve left nothing back here; and if you want those extra yards, nor should you!

Show your spikes

This finish is the perfect indication of that correct and powerful left side clearance.  My torso is facing the line of the shot, but also look at my right foot.  It is vertical and balanced on the toe.

Your right heel is your hip clearance indicator. If your hips rotate fully and correctly, your right heel is pulled up into this position.





If your hips don’t clear, your right heel stays low to the ground, or sometimes even on it. So the message here is “Show your spikes!”




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