30 Yards in 30 Minutes – Power Key 2

Stabilize Your Lower Half

You now have the softness in your upper body to make a full shoulder turn. But that in itself does not give you the powerful coiling action we are after. To find the feeling of coiled power you must set your lower body to resist your free – flowing upper half. By doing that you limit your hip rotation and so increase the difference between hip and shoulder turns – the so called X Stretch which adds that powerful, sprung tension to your limbs.

Here’s how to create the feelings of lower body stability and solidity tat will help it hold firm against your rotating upper half. The area I want you to focus on here is the right hip and leg. These are your keys to stabilizing your lower half and tightening your coil.

Here are two pictures of my technique – at set up and at the top of my backswing. You can see that throughout this movement, my right leg and hip are basically in one same position. The thing to avoid here is a sway to your right (away from target). If your right hip and knee move laterally to your right you are reducing the chances of building up a good strong coil. But if you keep your right knee in place and rotate correctly the winding motion will create a nice powerful tense coil – leading to a lot of power through impact.

Many club players that I coach looking for more distance are wrongly told to get there weight behind the ball in the backswing. This leads to them swaying off the ball (away from the target) and leads to a very weak powerless golf swing. It is true that you do need to get set behind the ball – but not at the expense of a swaying lower half.

Here’s how to get set behind the ball without the sway:-

    1. Position the ball opposite your left heel. Now take your driver and hold it against your chest, the butt end up to your adam’s apple. Make sure the club is hanging vertically, its head between your feet.
    2. Keeping the club pressed against your chest, tilt your spine by dropping your right shoulder. Tilt until the clubhead is over the ball. As you do this, feel more weight moving on to your right foot.


  1. With your spine at this angle, drop the club and take up your normal grip. Set up to the ball. Feel how, as a result of your new spine angle, your weight is set more behind the ball.
  2. Make a backswing turn around this new spine angle. See how now, with your weight pre – planted behind the ball, you can make a turn on to your right side without any need for swaying. You are powerfully coiled and ready to start down.

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