How to Crush Your Driver

How to CRUSH Your Driver 30 Yards Longer

Here are three easy steps for longer drives:

You are standing on a par four with fairway bunkers at 220 yards carry and in the back of your mind you are thinking shall I risk my driver, or just lay up short with my three wood…

Let’s notch it up a gear to help you hit the long ball with the driver from the tee.

To do this I would like you to widen your stance a few inches, so it is slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Keep the ball opposite the left heel and widen out the stance with the right foot. This will tilt your spine more behind the ball and will naturally drop your head more behind the ball as well. More weight will be felt down your right leg and into your foot; this is absolutely fine – just go with the feel of it.

A typical fault that most golfers do when they are trying to generate more distance is to generally make a quicker golf swing. The only problem is when you make a quicker motion, the backswing becomes very short. This leads to the arms and body to be out of sync and a poor short body rotation, this is a big power lose in a golf swing. To correct this feel that you make a smooth backswing turning your shoulders fully, a good thought to have is to get your left shoulder behind the ball at the completion of the backswing.

Now you are fully coiled in the backswing now is the time to CRUSH IT!
You need to shift your weight into your left side with a slight lateral movement before you start your rotation, this will drop your club on the perfect plane on the downswing, just slightly on the inside. Keep the body turn speed up and focus on keeping the clubhead accelerating into the back of the ball and all the way through to the finish of the swing.

Enjoy the extra distance and enjoy bombing it past you’re playing partners.

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