Blind Date Networking Around the World

One of the greatest things about golf is you can just show up at a club as a single and get a game. Depending on your business, you could be looking at three prospects each and every time you tee it up. Either way, golf is the ultimate networking environment for all kinds of professionals and services and one of the simplest ways to make new friends.
Let’s face it, as adults, how often do we really make new friends anywhere other than at the golf club? It’s the perfect place.


You don’t even have to be paired up with anyone at the start of the round as you can very often join up with some awesome people on the way round. For example, my son and I ended up playing with an Italian LPGA player on a course near Pisa. On a trip to Portugal, in the space of three days, I played with a Swede, German and Frenchman. Only the Swede spoke English but the effort to communicate with the other two made the round even more interesting than normal.


In tournaments at various clubs, I have often be paired with celebrities like coach Steve Spurrier, former Angel’s pitcher Chuck Finley, former PGA champion Mark Brooks as well as various soccer, hockey and football players. People I would never have met in everyday life were it not f or that instant connection through golf.


For Those Looking for a More Intimate Relationship, Golf Can Often be the Catalyst
For women, golf can be a great way to find a partner as significantly more men than women play golf. For several years now, driving ranges have featured near the top of the list of best places for women to meet men.
For those without the patience for a chance encounter there is always and the dating agency E-Harmony published an article that gave 15 sound reasons to date a golfer.




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