The Brexit Decision and Its Impact on Golf Travel


How will the Brexit decision impact golf travel to Britain? The decision will certainly have both positive and negative ramifications on golf travel to Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales. However, right now there are a lot more questions than answers and more unknowns about what will happen in the future.

The Positive
The travelling procedures from the USA to Ireland, Scotland and England are unlikely to change unless more security is required. Golfers from the USA will enjoy a stronger US dollar against the Pound sterling and this means golfers will find a few pints, dining, caddie fees, fish n chips, merchandise, green fees, hotels and transportation more economical.

The Negative
Based on current trends, the cost for British golfers travelling from Britain to worldwide resorts will become more expensive and this will reduce the amount of outbound British golf travelers. We will have to wait and see if a border checkpoint will be in place between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. A border checkpoint will mean a longer day trip from Dublin to Royal County Down or from Dublin Airport to Royal County Down.

The Uncertainty
There is uncertainty about the Irish border with Northern Ireland. For golf companies and their distribution centers based in the UK, how will Brexit affect their supply chain? Will British golf tourists be spending a lot more time in other European airports clearing customs? Will there be more travel and customs scrutiny entering Britain in the future?

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