In a World of Dull Promotions, this One from Fuzzy’s Vodka is a Winner

Perhaps their tag, “Make every shot more fun,” is a bit cheesy, but that’s the only weakness in this vodka’s game–it’s rock-solid from tee to green. Fuzzy’s Vodka doesn’t come in any special flavors, there’s only one vodka-flavored flavor and and it’s offered in three sizes: 750 ml for $23.99, 1 liter for $29.99 and 1.75 liters for $35.99.

It’s hard to imagine Fuzzy in the distillery test kitchen with a lab coat on tirelessly working away to perfect his vodka recipe, but it’s more fun to assume it’s true. Zoeller has lived a fairytale golf life with 10 wins on the PGA Tour, including the ‘84 US Open and ‘79 Masters. If golfers could handpick two majors–the Masters would be first, the U.S. Open and Open Championship would likely split votes for second and the PGA would come in a distant last.

Their current promotion is a good one–buy three bottles and get a 750 ml bottle signed by Zoeller. This means that one of three bottle purchases must be a 750 ml bottle, so go for two handles and 750. Signatures are limited so this offer will not last forever, but well done to the Fuzzy’s Ultra-Premium Vodka team–the Fuzzy Zoeller fans are going to get sauced and have a little keepsake to remember the experience.

Perhaps the best part of the promotion is the Valentine’s Day component which reads, “Valentine’s Day is Tuesday the 14th. That signed bottle would make a great gift for that special golfer in your life! (You can’t drink Roses).”

When scanning the world for Valentine’s Day gift options, it’s unlikely anyone has ever considered Fuzzy’s Vodka, but that might be changing because, “you can’t drink roses.”

Wives and girlfriends around the world are going to love this, cheers!

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