Week Five Player’s Journal: The Web.com Tour Life of Trevor Cone


Basking in the glory of Tuesday night’s 77 – 72 Virginia Tech victory over Duke — proud VT Hokie alumnus and Web.com Touring Pro Trevor Cone, checks in for another installment of the Player’s Journal. The fifth event of the season was played at Lakewood National Golf Club in Florida near Sarasota. Mark Hubbard was the winner at -26, two shots better than Maverick McNealy. Cone made the cut and Cone found doughnuts — here is the rest of the story.

WBGD: As an independent contractor, you have to pay for everything, but do you have to organize all flights, accommodations and transportation or does the Web.com Tour help with logistics?
Cone: I do have to pay for everything and for the most part I organize my own flights and travel. Personally, I prefer it that way so I have all the info in front of me. However, I also have someone from my agency that also helps me if I need a flight or hotel last minute or quickly. She also helps commit to tournaments or sign me up for qualifiers on my behalf.

WBGD: Last week you suggested you aren’t the biggest fan of Florida golf courses. What is it about Florida golf courses you don’t like? And what do you look for in a golf course?
Cone: It’s not so much the golf courses as just the state itself. I’ve actually had quite a bit of success in Florida throughout my career, but I’m just a huge fan of cooler weather and prefer to spend time elsewhere. In terms of what I look for in a golf course, the main thing I can think of is a layout that is draw biased because that’s my desired shot shape.

WBGD: The Web.com Tour is on break until March 21. What are you doing with the time off?
Cone: I’m spending the entire time back in Charlotte. I took the first week off and now I’m getting back into the swing of things with daily practice. I’ll also spend quite a few days with my coach working on a lot things I think need attention from the first 5 tournaments. The biggest thing being short game and chipping as I’m lacking a lot of confidence and my technique has gotten sloppy on the road.

WBGD: A reader asks, are you big into fitness and do you do all the new golf exercises?
Cone: I am big into fitness, albeit I struggled to keep a constant routine while on the road. I work out four days a week while I’m home, but I really don’t focus on a ton of golf exercises. I really just do workouts that I did while at school since I don’t have a trainer currently. I will say that I might not do specific golf exercises, but I put an emphasis on doing a lot of stretches especially for my back, shoulders, and hips.

WBGD: Another reader asks, what’s your dream golf foursome?
Cone: That’s such a tough question, but I’ll go with my dad, Ernie Els, and Arnold Palmer.

WBGD: Doughnut Report!
Cone: My caddy and I went to Dunkin’ Donuts every day the week of Florida. It seemed to work as I finally made a cut. Not that I’m superstitious or anything…

The Player’s Journal, Cone and the rest of the Web.com Tour resumes on March 21 at the Chitimacha Louisiana Open just outside of New Orleans.

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