Video: Bandon Dunes Resort; the Halfway House of the Little Red Corvette American Golf Road Trip

Perhaps the best drive in America and a top 10 worldwide, the Little Red Corvette American Golf Road Trip zooms through the Giant Sequoias of Northern California on Highway 101. It ain’t too shabby to the south near Pebble Beach, but it’s better in “No Cal” where the Redwoods are. In the shade of the world’s largest trees with some reaching more than 300-feet tall, the road swerves and curves through the thick forest with a fern-covered floor. This moist jungle is a rich, healthy hue of green and the region is a rare ocean, mountain and jungle trinity. On average, this area gets twice the rainfall as the rest of America which keeps the ferns quenched. The colossal awe of the forest is matched by scenic roadways perched high above the Pacific Ocean. There are lookout points every few miles where road-tripping Winnebagos park in hopes of snapping photos of sunbathing sea lions.

Check-in and head to Preserve, the 13-hole par three short course is a nice way to settle in at Bandon

About 20 miles south of the Oregon state line, Crescent City, California is a cozy little coastal town. We arrive in the evening on Independence Day and while the Pandemic weighs on the party, there’s a patriotic buzz in the air and occasional bottle rocket pop. Locals and drive-in tourists eat crab sandwiches, drink hot cocoa and swig local brews. A bit chilly, it’s in the 50’s F and body-suited surfers ride the beach break not far from the Chart Room Seafood Restaurant on the marina. The deep v-hull center console boats coming back in look tough. They’re seafaring vessels built for wrestling salmon and halibut on cold, rough Pacific days.

Into Oregon and past a hundred or so drive-thru coffee stands, it’s about 90 minutes to the Bandon Dunes Resort gates. On-brand with the Bandon experience, the modest entrance is, “an entrance as it was meant to be.” The long meandering road in is groomed nicely — the resort excels at first impressions.

Wood and I toss our luggage in the room and beeline for the Bandon Preserve par three course. Like kids at Disney World for the first time, Bandon is six theme parks and we’re playing them all. Our second day includes Bandon Dunes and Bandon Trails, Old MacDonald and Sheep Ranch are set for day-three and Pacific Dunes wraps the trip on the fourth and final day.

This Oregon arrival is the halfway mark of the Little Red Corvette American Golf Road Trip — here’s a little recap of what’s happened so far.


About The Little Red Corvette American Golf Road Trip
Andrew Wood and Elvis Anderson are trailblazing America’s restart in a 2018 Torch Red Chevrolet Stingray Coupe. On the 8,000-plus mile road trip, the #GolfVette will visit private golf clubs, small town municipal golf courses, both 5-star and humble resorts and many of America’s iconic landmarks. Aimed for Saddlebrook Resort in Wesley Chapel, Florida, Wood launched the trip on June 1. He then veered for Florida’s Panhandle, and made a left turn for California. Anderson joined the trip in Sacramento, California on July 3. Follow along on Facebook, Instagram and Reddit.