Win With David Breslow’s “Wired to Win Total Golf”




Yes indeed, David Breslow’s “Wired to Win Total Golf” hits the target!

I started studying psychology, relationships, performance, psychology, and the like in 1961. Playing professional golf and teaching the game, armed with a Ph.D. and a second related Doctorate, and more than 26,000 hours of coaching later, I am continually fascinated by the presentations and points made by fellow coaches. And yes, I’m a very demanding critic. There are only about a half dozen performance coaches/sports psychologists throughout the sports world that impress me and most of them currently fly below the popular radar. Too many, and especially the more visible golf/sports psychologists, address the symptoms that impede accomplishment and not the sources while spewing forth the same often-repeated platitudes. Many of their clients who have tasted success are unable to sustain it and I suspect that focus is part of the issue. This is not the case with David Breslow, an accomplished coaching veteran who messages transcend golf/sports into business and life.

As a Peak-Performance Coach of more than 26 years, Breslow grew up as an excellent tennis player and sought-after tennis coach, David Breslow’s messages seamlessly translate into golf as he once was a regular contributor on The Golf Channel as well as coaching several professional golfers. And if imitation is the highest form of flattery, both David and I should be thanking one another. In many, but fortunately not all areas, his coaching is so similar to mine in language, story, and purpose that you might imagine that we both sat at the feet of the same Master at the same time. Thankfully, we are not clones of one another and I was gratified to learn some really special new ideas while taking “Wired to Win Total Golf.” Breslow is quick, succinct, confident, and direct. Unlike some who set themselves up as the “Wizards behind the curtain,” he simplifies each of his principles to be both easy to understand and also “bullet-proof” to scrutiny and cross-examination.

Here’s what you won’t find in “Wired to Win Total Golf.”  You won’t encounter the same old recycled tips, psycho-babble, or vague theories. And there is no long or extended learning curve. The content is straightforward and to the point. His delivery is so spot on that it’s almost embarrassingly simple. For heaven’s sake, as a golfer you don’t need more information, you need less. Run from those that dump information on you if you ever want to be a peak performer.

If you’ve spent thousands of dollars on another sports psychologist, you might become upset that you did when you finish with “Wired to Win.” In golf as in life, you must be aligned with your goal if you hope to succeed. David and I are in total agreement that the traditional approaches don’t even consider this. Others will be quick to show you “What to do,” but not the “How to.” You will learn that and more in “Wired to Win.” This is a much better and faster way to get the same results. As Breslow points out, “There are predictable, undeniable, and provable ‘laws’ by which each of us produces outcomes in our lives and practical ways you can help these laws get you what you want.” The Course is about these laws and how to apply them in a magnificently simple manner. Though focused upon golf, Breslow’s teaching points are equally useful in any circumstance.

“Wired to Win Total Golf” is set up via an automatic Internet delivery system of seven different lessons with follow-up work. You receive a new downloaded lesson every three days with a Breslow video, slides, and workbook, which keeps you focused upon assimilating the last one and not getting ahead of yourself. If you hope to purchase this program and intend to spend a night or weekend devouring it, it probably won’t work for you. This is not a quick information dump from Breslow, but rather a transformation of you. Information of this nature that is not thoroughly adapted or internalized will wash right through you and down the drain. As so many “self-help junkies,” you will be only partly satisfied and onto your next information fix. Sustained improvement doesn’t work that way.

As I mentioned, David and I can often finish each other’s sentences either on the phone or within his course. Wait a minute, that’s not quite true. I found his lesson on “Energy” to be fresh and totally enlightening even for an old dog like me. And in a few other areas, David’s presentation was simply better than mine. Though the program is not live, you will also receive meaningful follow-up discussions of the previous lesson based on client feedback.

If I were to publish an online coaching clinic, I would hope that it would be half as good as “Wired to Win Total Golf.” If you watch Breslow’s videos, do your homework, and repeat, there is no question in my mind that your golf experience and probably far, far more than that will improve. Trust me, I’ve done David’s course now multiple times and I pick up something new and valuable for my game, coaching, and life every time!

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