Why More Women Should Play Golf


Sandra Day O’Connor, Cameron Diaz, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Vera Wang, Celine Dion, Anne Murray, Sharon Stone and Condoleezza Rice are just a few of the hundreds of famous women who are avid golfers. But you don’t have to be rich, famous or particularly athletic to enjoy the game.

Here are just some of the reason participation among women is growing;

  1. Golfers Live Longer: Now that’s a great start! Five years longer according to a Swedish study.
  2. Golf Keeps You Trim: Golf is a great way to stay in shape with a round of golf consuming 1500 calories if you walk. Golf also stimulates your creativity, problem-solving and strategic thinking.
    More Women Should Play Golf
  3. Golf Gets a Girl Ahead. In today’s competitive business environment women can’t afford NOT to play golf. Golf is one of the few sports that are widely accepted in the workplace as a way to quickly build relationships and close deals. Plus executives who play golf make 17% more than those who don’t!
  4. Office Talk. When the water cooler talk turns to bogies and birdies, you’ll be able to participate and get invited to play. Adrienne Wax, co-author of Even Par: How Golf helps Women Gain The Upper Hand In Business says“If you can talk about golf, all of the sudden you have a reason to talk to the CEO or your boss two levels above you.golf shirts
  5. Golf Has Fun Clothing: Golf fashion is big business and you’ll enjoy some amazing options so you look your best on the greens.
  6. FamilyGolfGolfers Make Friends Easily: Golf is a great, low stress way to make new friends and generate new leads for your business. Best of all the friends you make golfing will be friends for life!
  7. Quality Time: Where else can you have four hours of quality time with your boss, colleagues, prospects, husband or kids, away from the stress of modern living? Golf is the anti video game and one you can enjoy with your loved ones through many decades.
  8. Golf Is Great Recreational Value: Golf is really a great value when compared to many other activities. For the same price or less as a 3 hour sports event you can play golf all day long!
  9. Golf Gives You a Great Reason to Travel: There are so many amazing and beautiful courses around the world, golf gives you the perfect excuse to go visit! So check out some of the great places we feature at World’s Best Golf Destinations and take a trip today!
  10. Golf is Like Sex: You don’t actually have to be that good at it to enjoy it. Only 10% of all golfers ever score below 100. So relax, and have fun, as you are most likely in the majority.

So get out and play girl!

For more information on growing the game read Golf – How to Really Grow the Game.



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