The almostGOLF Ball Will Not Break Windows or Dent Cars


The almostGOLF ball is 1/3 distance and 1/3 weight and is a safe alternative to real golf balls that can be used in your neighborhood.

Obviously, we use real golf balls on the range and at the golf course, but the almostGOLF ball is ideal for everywhere else. We actually first tried them at an RV park, which worked out well. If you hit your pitching wedge 100 yards then you can expect the almostGOLF ball to fly 30 to 35 yards.

And this is what we like best about it: it’s the almostGOLF ball’s true-flight characteristics. We were able to hit fades and draws just like our regular ball.

The yellow 36 ball box is $34.99 with free range bucket, Click Here to purchase.



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