Never Shank Again


The shanked golf shot sends shivers down most golfers’ spine and they break out in a cold sweat just thinking about it.

Understanding why you shank is so important because when you fully understand the cause the cure is so simple.

A lot of golfers who shank the golf ball think that the clubface is wide open at impact “that’s why my golf ball has darted to the right”!

It is a huge aha moment when they find out that most shanked shots come from a closed clubface at impact.

If you are a golfer who has a big over the top move in the downswing creating a steep out to in swing path the chances are the clubface will be closing excessively and this will result in the hosel being closer to the ball at impact.

From my 20 plus years experience in helping golfers who tend to shank, most try to prevent a shank shot from happening by trying to twist the clubface closed with the right hand through impact. This will make the swing path more out to in and the face more closed — increasing the chances of hitting shank.

Stop Shanks in Golf

CURE: When you are practicing at the range, place a row of tees just outside the toe end of the club and one angled just outside the hosel (see above picture) this will quickly get you to feel and learn to swing down from the inside. Practice by hitting some soft 8 irons first. If you are swinging on an out to in swing path (face closed) you will hit the tee pegs. This drill will effectively and quickly get you on the correct path with a much more neutral clubface. You’ll be shank free before you know it!!   



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