Golfers Earn More Money


Everyone knows that playing golf is good for their business and career, or do they?

Certainly in the past there were countless articles on the benefits of business golf but anyone under 40 may have missed them. All you see in the press nowadays is how the game is declining and courses are closing. A 28-year-old executive could be forgiven for not appreciating the amazing value of golf to business.

With the media constantly banging on about the demise of golf, anyone could be forgiven for thinking that golf as a business tool is finished. Sure, participation is down, but 25 million players in the US alone is not exactly a small number. Then, when you look at the number of top CEO’s, sports’ stars, movie stars and entrepreneurs who are avid golfers, those numbers are actually pretty impressive.

An estimated 90 per cent of Fortune 500 CEOs play golf, as have almost all the US presidents since Ike. Left-handed Obama is said to be the best since Kennedy.

Better still, executives who play golf earn an average of 17 per cent more than those who don’t.

In her book, Two Good Rounds, Elisa Gaudet explores how the game of golf helped pave the way to success for some of the most prominent global business leaders. “There is a special connection that exists between the worlds of golf and business, and it’s a reason why many of today’s business leaders have achieved success,” says Gaudet.

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