Review: Summertime Shades


We recently played rounds of golf with three different sunglasses, we have a winner. The Bollé Attraxion is the medalist on the golf course, but it’s not that simple. We loved the polarized Bollé lens depth perception, and it seemed we were able to see better in shaded areas. It’s a soothing feeling to put the shades on. Objects get crisp and greens get cool and clear. And it has a mirror lens, which helps to block the sun.

However, the Under Armour Octane Game Day sunglasses are ideal for running. The mirror lens is brilliant for a sunny jog. Same with the Tifosi Crit, which comes with three interchangeable lenses, they call it their Golf/Tennis and Extreme Contrast interchangeable lens pack. We love this pair best for cycling and depending on the weather, you can insert the proper lens.

Golf: Bollé Attraxion
Running: Under Armour Octane Game Day
Cycling: Tifosi Crit

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