Creating Speed for Maximum Distance


Creating Speed for Maximum Distance

Creating a faster swing speed can be easy providing that you put the right effort in at the right time. A lot of golfers have the ability to do this but just need the right thoughts to produce it.

To get the clubhead moving at its fastest peak right on impact is the key to produce maximum distance. The main things I find during coaching are that many golfers zap all the energy from their swing through the following reasons.

  1. They get too tense with the body during the golf swing and this leads to poor weight transfer and in turn leads to a lack of power.
  2. They make a very short backswing due to the shoulders not turning fully during the backswing and as a result they are trying to force distance.
  3. They snatch the club back to the golf ball from the top of the backswing with their hands. This unfortunately will lead to a loss of power as once again there is very little weight transference with the hips and legs.

Now, here’s how to add the speed.

To create distance we need to be in a good athletic set up position which is relaxed but ready. For many golfers, the worst tension spot in the setup is in the arms and hands and therefore this seeps into the shoulders. All this tension is a huge power speed loss. Set up with your hands and arms relaxed and feel that they stay soft as you swing. That will help you create a freewheeling motion of the club with the speed through impact.

As you make a backswing be sure to turn the shoulders fully, think of rotating your lead shoulder behind the golf ball or turning fully so that your back faces the target.

Distance is all about creating as much acceleration as possible in controlled and balanced manor. To get the weight transferring correctly in the forward swing, start the downswing with a bump of the hips towards the target. This will transfer the weight from the trail leg to the target side leg and will naturally pull the club down into the power slot.

Once you are in the power slot, make sure that you continue to turn your body with acceleration all the way through to a full finish. Don’t take your foot off the gas until you have completely finished your swing.

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