Ball Go Far


An NFL quarterback can throw a football roughly 80 yards; a top baseball player or cricketer can throw a baseball or cricket ball around 50 yards; while a top soccer player can kick the ball through the air in the region of 60 yards. While we marvel at how far these athletes can dispatch a ball, even an average golfer can outdo them for length by at least a hundred yards.

Most halfway decent golfers can thump a drive over two hundred yards, while pros are now hitting it close to 300 yards through the air. Long drive champions routinely crunch a ball over 400 yards.

It’s great to hit the green with a long iron, splash it close from a bunker or hole a 20-foot putt for birdie, but is there any better feeling in golf than murdering a drive down the middle 20 yards past your playing partners?

My friend and world famous trick shot artist, Dennis Walters says his interest in golf originates from watching a guy hit balls in a park. “Being used to baseball and football, I marveled at how high and far he hit the ball. I had to try it and see if I could make the ball fly in the air like that”

My other trick shot friend, Jeremy Dale says that one of his shots that impresses audiences the most is where he hits a ball off a three-foot high tee with his driver. The ball flies almost vertically 300 feet in the air and travels 50 yards down the fairway.

Are we not all fascinated by ball flight and trajectory?

And by the effect of spin and wind on our ball’s journey?

And by the fade, draw, hook or slice on the ball as it arches through the air?

In high school, we all had to do a physics’ project with a partner. I chose the aerodynamics of golf balls, or something like that. For six weeks my best friend and I regularly went down to the playing fields and hit various different types of balls to see how far they went. After about four weeks of beating balls, my friend Michael, who was far more studious than I, suggested we ought to write our findings down so we didn’t fail the class.

I said, “Naw, don’t worry,” and wrote to Titleist, who promptly sent back a very useful report on ball flight and the distance various balls went.

I think it was the only ‘A’ I ever got in that class

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