Custom Fitting: Who, What, Why + How


Everything is better customized: flasks, suits and definitely golf equipment.

I recently spent the day with Danny Lattner, a True Spec Golf master club fitter. We set up on the range at the Texas Golf Center in Fort Worth, Texas where True Spec Golf operates its custom fitting services. Our simple goal was to look at my current equipment and see if my performance could be improved.

Lattner asked me to hit five balls with my six iron while he collected data with a Trackman launch monitor. He documented various data categories such as: carry, ball speed, spin rate, trajectory and club speed. The goal was simple: can we find equipment to help you hit it better, higher and further? “Brand agnostic” is a term Lattner used often to assure they’re not partial a particular equipment company. And I’ll be “brand agnostic” in this article because it doesn’t matter which brand works best for me.

I like my current set of irons, but the low, draw shot shape presents challenges. The legendary Lee Trevino quote, “You can talk to a fade but a hook won’t listen,” speaks to my heart. I’d rather hit a high fade which will listen to my begging, pleading and cursing — and land softly on the green next to the hole.

The most alarming data we collected was ball flight apex. The difference between my six iron and a custom fitted six was approximately 25 feet. A week later — I’m still a bit shocked at the results.

Here’s What We Learned:

  • At setup, my current set of irons appear to be slightly closed which encourages a draw
  • We determined my current set of irons are about a half-inch too short
  • I love the way my current irons feel, but knew all along something wasn’t right
  • The suggested set of new irons offers a higher ball flight and the suggested new driver is about 15 yards longer

A Few Tips to Consider Ahead of Your Fitting:

  • If it’s a grass range then look for an area or bay with grass you like as if you’re setting up for a practice session — it’s important to be comfortable on the range
  • Have an open mind and give all equipment brands a chance
  • Don’t take an emergency lesson or over-prepare for the fitting — simply get loose as if you have a tee time

Overall, my experience with True Spec Golf was enjoyable and educational. I like my current set of irons, but it’s time to move on.

It’s not you, it’s me. I’ll never forget you — don’t forget the good times.

Love, Elvis

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