Week Four Player’s Journal: The Web.com Tour Life of Trevor Cone


Week four on the Web.com Tour is in the books and Canadian Michael Gligic is the winner of the Panama Championship in Panama City, Panama. He carded a final round 65 to get his first Web.com Tour win.

We tracked down Trevor Cone for another exciting edition of the Player’s Journal. This week Cone talks about his unsuccessful search for Panamanian food, the current state of his game and what Tour players do with free time.

WBGD: Panama food, drink and sightseeing — what did you think?
Cone: Well, I guess first off I should start by saying I didn’t have any true Panamanian food all week. You can find almost any type of food you want around the city and I’d have to say the best I had was at a Lebanese place called Cafe Beirut. I got a combo with all sorts of Mediterranean staples like stuffed grape leaves and falafel. The sightseeing was awesome this week. I ventured down to the old town, called Casco Viejo, and just walked around checking out the old architecture and vendors. It’s a must if you visit and the best way to describe it is if the French Quarter in New Orleans combined with downtown Charleston, South Carolina.

Pro Tip: Grab a cup of Geisha coffee at Café Unido or a cocktail at the rooftop bar, CasaCasco.

Photo courtesy Trevor Cone Instagram: @tc0ne_13

WBGD: You’ve won on the Web.com Tour and obviously know what it takes to close out a tournament. If you could snap your fingers and instantly fix something about your game right now — what would it be?
Cone: Yeah it’s certainly been a tough start to the year, but there’s always going to be tough stretches in golf and you just have to power through it. At the moment, if I could change one thing it would be ballstriking. I’m missing way too many greens and in really bad spots, which is making it difficult to score. After this week, I found myself getting too caught up in the mechanics and technicality of the swing which is not like me at all. So, I’m going into Florida with a more relaxed mindset of just going back to the basics and playing more freely.

WBGD: The LECOM Suncoast Classic at Lakewood National GC in Lakewood Ranch, Florida is next — are you looking forward to getting back on U.S. soil? Have you played Lakewood National? If so, thoughts?
Cone: It’s going to be really nice getting back stateside even though I’m not the biggest fan of Florida. However, I’ve never been to Sarasota so it could be a cool spot. I haven’t played Lakewood National, but by the looks of it — it’s going to be a challenge mainly on approach shots into the greens. There seems to be a very generous amount of room off the tee, but it’s a long course and the greens look to be very undulating. Wind is also always a factor in Florida, too so we’ll see.

WBGD: A reader asks, do you guys on the Web.com Tour hang out? Or do players do their own thing for dinner, etc.?
Cone: That’s a good question. A lot of us know each other going back quite a few years whether it’s from college golf or even junior golf so yeah you’ll have different groups of guys who will hang out and play practice rounds together and grab dinner throughout the week. Then you’ll find certain outside events happening during tournaments. For instance, Super Bowl Sunday fell on the final round of the tournament in Bogotá so there was a watch party at the course that night where 75 or so players and caddies watched the game.

WBGD: Doughnut Report!
Cone: Sadly, no doughnuts were consumed in Panamá. I’ll be glad to be back in the States and find a spot in Sarasota even if it’s just a Dunkin’ Donuts or other chain.

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