The Playing Field Is Never the Same


Although the surfaces may vary, a tennis court is pretty much a tennis court. Likewise, a soccer pitch, football field, baseball diamond or hockey rink. They may all have their individual nuances but, more or less, the playing areas are the same basic size and conditions hardly vary the world over. They are also all contained within boundaries. Tennis courts and basketball courts have fences. Football stadium, ice rinks and motor racing tracks have walls, while bowling alleys pen you in with gutters.

A golf course has no such boundaries. A course may be just 90 acres or it may be 300 acres or more.

A golf course is never the same even if you play it 100 times. The tees are in a different place, the flag is moved, the wind changes direction or strength thereby altering the complexion of a hole. The dew stops the ball rolling in the morning or the summer heat keeps it airborne another five or ten yards in the afternoon contributing to an infinite variety of different shots before we even consider inconsistencies in the swing or peculiar bounces.

Then there are all types of courses; ocean, links, mountain, woodland, heathland, wetland, desert and parkland. From lush and incredibly manicured resorts to simple nine-hole highland courses where sheep roam the fairways. There is an almost infinite variety.


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