High-Heel Strategies for the WM Phoenix Open


Not all PGA Tour events are equal and the WM Phoenix Open has distinguished itself from the others. Affectionately known as “The Greatest Show on Grass,” TPC Scottsdale a golf tournament-party. All hell breaks loose at the par three 16th hole AKA “The Coliseum,” playing a 162-yards. Golf’s golden rules are destroyed here as the gallery does the unthinkable — they make noise in player’s back-swings. Some players even hype the crowd like WWE wrestlers. It’s rowdy and raucous, the anti-Augusta. It’s one of the great social scenes on Tour, and certainly a see and be seen venue. And for those considering stilettos, Dr. Melissa Galli, a foot and ankle surgeon at The CORE Institute is an expert on the topic.

“Foot fashion alters body position and stresses not only your foundation but also joints in the lower extremity and spine,” says Dr. Melissa Galli, a foot and ankle surgeon at The CORE Institute. “High heels have been shown to increase pressures in the knee, one factor known to contribute to knee pain. Additionally, there is the possibility of the high-heel lodging into the grass which can lead to a sprained or broken ankle.”

For the Phoenix Open fashionistas interested in avoiding injury, it is best to wear platforms or flats when walking around the WM Phoenix Open and use high heels for getting autographs from the pros in a more controlled environment.

Also, prior to wearing heels or platforms to the WM Phoenix Open, break them in by putting on thick socks and wearing them around the house for 2-3 hours a day for a few days before the event. This will break them in and help prevent blisters. Bring a pair of ballet flats just in case the pain is too much. After the event, do arch stretches by pointing and flexing the toes towards and away from the body, for a few seconds at a time. For the next few days, following the event, wear supportive, comfortable shoes.

If there is still pain or numbness in the feet a few days later, The Core Institute can help.

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