Editor’s Choice (and Confession): Swing Align


I must confess – I laughed when I opened the box and saw the Swing Align. At first glance it looks like handcuffs and the latest in the long line of golf gimmicks. Anyone remember the David Leadbetter SwingSetter disaster?

The PGA Merchandise Show happens every January in Orlando. Every niche golf industry under the Florida sun is there: golf equipment, apparel, golf carts, trophies, simulators, tourism and the craziest group of all — the inventors. Every year this ambitious group purchases a booth, travels to Orlando from all parts of the world, gets a hotel room and $25,000 later realizes their swing trainer is a flop. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Swing Align struggles at the PGA Show because you need to try it, and then play — this is an ideal product for a demo day.

Didn’t put the Swing Align on properly at first, but eventually sorted it out — it works

I was on scholarship at a small college for two years which means that by elite standards I suck, and by weekend hacker measures I’m something in the neighborhood of Kiradech Aphibarnrat. I don’t mention this to gloat about my glamorous years of competing in Nebraska and surrounding states, but to assure I know what solid contact feels like. I have experienced those streaks of “hitting it really well.” Those stretches when the golf swing is dialed in and the ball explodes off the face with extra pop. The feel and sound are different – it’s effortless — it’s ecstasy.

These days I am that weekend hacker eager to break 80 on an easy golf course – I don’t even own a shag bag at the moment. I haven’t had a three-hour short game practice session in 18 years. And if it hit it well, it’s not the explosive ball striking I experienced in my ho-hum heyday. However, I was kinda-sorta close in the last two rounds I played thanks to the Swing Align. The contraption squared me up, helped my path, sorted my tempo and helped me to consistently hit the ball on the screws. It’s a bit odd strapping on the Swing Align, but so what. And it looks weird, but I think I speak for all golfers when I say I’d get a mohawk and wear high heels if it meant lower scores.

I take my hat off, applaud and salute the Swing Align – it works and is the best swing aid I’ve used since the Medicus.

Visit: swingtrainer.com


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