Review: PAR BAR


Anyone that has been to a PGA Tour event in the last few years will tell you Rory McIlroy looks more like Arnold Schwarzenegger than Arnold Palmer. And McIlroy isn’t the only one with an Olympian-like cardiovascular, strength training and nutrition plan on the Tour.

There seems to be fewer Stadler’s, Daly’s and Herron’s and more Day’s and Scott’s.

Nutrition during the round is important, however a lot of golfers will say they never feel the same after a sandwich or burger during the round. Too many calories can induce a lethargic feeling.

PAR BAR Founder, Gerry Mullally set out to create a bar high in protein, high in slow release carbohydrates and high in dietary fiber, he created the PAR BAR. The 2.4 ounce bar includes an extract from green tea called L-Theanine, which has been shown in clinical studies to help with athletic performance and focus. Its ingredients are a combination of brown rice syrup, whey protein Isolate, rolled oats, chicory root extract (prebiotic dietary fiber), peanut butter, chocolate chips, L-Theanine (from green tea), caffeine (from green tea).

As recommended, here’s how we used the Peanut Butter-flavored PAR BAR. We ate breakfast around 8 a.m., ate a third of the PAR BAR during our warmup, went off No. 1 at 10 a.m. and ate the remaining bar throughout the round.

We found the PAR BAR to be filling and tasty; it delivered on all promises. Lunch was a welcome sight after the round, but we didn’t crash on No. 14 and crawl in the last few holes on no energy. We were able to maintain strength and focus on the final stretch of the round and that’s imperative.



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