Not Only Do Golfers Live Longer but They Also Stay Healthier Because Golf Keeps Them in Shape


A study conducted by Reebok revealed that golfers who walk and carry burn approximately 55 per cent more calories than those who ride in a cart.

The number of calories varies according to distance walked and the metabolic rate of the golfer. But fitness experts estimate you will burn roughly 1500 calories during a four-hour round. A round of golf is 10,000 steps or about a five-mile walk.

That’s 825 calories more than if you ride in a cart, which clocks in at 675 calories. So no matter how well or badly you play and irrespective of whether you walk or ride, you can at least get some exercise and calorie burn out of your round.

And it not just playing that will burn the calories, practicing on the range will do the same.

A person weighing 130 pounds will on average burn 177 calories an hour on the driving range, according to NutriStrategy which calculates the calories burned from various forms of exercise. A 155-pound person will burn about 211 calories an hour on the driving range while a 190-pound individual will burn roughly 260 calories per hour.

Golfers Get More Sun and Feel Better

Although we must avoid too much sunshine, the sun does provide one very important nutrient – vitamin D. Indeed, it is one of the best sources of the vitamin that many lack in their regular diet. Vitamin D raises energy levels, improves attitude, aids calcium absorption and generates cell growth. Overall, it’s a vitamin that just makes us feel good.

Golfers Sleep Better

Studies show that people who engage in regular physical activity and have proper nutrition sleep with fewer interruptions and sleep more soundly. Golf uses lots of muscle groups that help you obtain a better night’s sleep. And better still if you eschew a cart and walk! Sound sleep is hugely beneficial for both our health and general well being

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