Custom Fitting: A Shocking Turn of Events


I spent the day with True Spec Golf Master Club Fitter Danny Lattner, shortly before all Pandemic hell broke loose back in March. We learned I can hit the Titleist T200 6-iron higher and further than my Miura PP-9003 version. Both the Titleist and Miura irons are forged and I like the look of both. I also enjoy how each set feels, although I’d likely give the nod to Miura’s buttery feel. I must admit I’m a sucker for a good story and Miura’s samurai-sword origins make me feel warm and fuzzy.

Miura PP-9003 Irons
Miura PP-9003’s in Colorado when they were brand new in 2016

Drunk on new data and captivated by the possibility of hitting sky-high, 240-yard 4-irons, I considered buying the Titleist’s. But while I’d gathered new information on the T200’s, I’d also learned something about my Miura’s. I hit a lower, more punchy ball-flight and because of its slight offset setup — I’d occasionally hit an unwanted draw.

Knowledge is power and armed with this new information I went to the golf course on Tuesday with my samurai swords. It was my first round of golf in the Pandemic and putting with flag-sticks was a small price to pay for the sunshine. I made a few changes — I let the club’s sole sit naturally, a wee bit open, I took the club slightly outside and played a fade.

Success! I played the best round of golf I’d played in five years. In the words of the great Harvey Penick, “Take dead aim,” and that I did. I used the data to create a plan and it worked. Not only did the fitting teach me something about new golf clubs — it taught me a lot about what’s in my bag.



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