Masters Week: Dustin Johnson’s Top Five Answers from Today’s Press Conference


Dustin Johnson, the world No. 1 took the podium at the new media center in Augusta, Georgia today. The last time the world of golf saw a performance this painful, Jean van de Velde was making a triple-bogey seven on No. 18 at the 1999 Open Championship.

To be fair, it’s not easy to be interesting and entertaining on a stage with a crowded room of on-lookers documenting every word. There’s a reason Joel Osteen and Tony Robbins make a bazillion dollars, public speaking is difficult.

However, just as DJ has been able to iron out some of the issues with his game, he could improve at talking (if he wants to). Journalists need information and they have a job to do; perhaps someone on Team DJ can help improve his interview game. He could weave a story into an answer, talk about how a situation felt or reveal something funny that happened with his brother caddy. And if that information is classified then work with a team of writers and make some stories up, throw the media a bone. Please, they’re grasping for straws out there.

Here are Dustin Johnson’s Top Five Answers from Today’s Press Conference:

  1. I don’t know.
  2. Try to do better the next time.
  3. Not sure, I guess you’d have to ask them.
  4. If you played good, it’s on you and if you play bad, it’s on you.
  5. I have no idea.

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