Video: Golf Fashion’s March to Milan Started in the Late 90’s – the Pace Is Quickening


A retreat from argyle socks and pleats is often credited to Swedish designer J.Lindeberg. The paradigm shift to form fitting trousers and shirts gained momentum around the turn of the century. Several brands have joined to offer golfers their rendition of Milan meets country club. G/FORE, Bonobos and Royal Albartross are in this space, but they’re timid in comparison to Maceoo.

Headquartered in San Diego, we recently spoke with Maceoo’s Dan Rosendorlff. Their approach to golf fashion is not specific to golf fashion – it’s specific to fashion. It’s something to consider – why would someone change their look just because they’re going to the golf course?

We chatted with Rosendorlff at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando back in late January. He spoke about Maceoo’s modern approach to golf fashion and showed up some of their brilliant prints.

Watch our talk: here


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