Kill The Tension for More Distance


Tension is a huge POWER sapper in a golf swing

Every day I meet golfers who are searching for more distance from the tee.  Once we start working together it soon becomes apparent as to why they struggle for distance.

As a golf instructor I sometimes need to help golfers feel the correct motion of the golf swing.  To aid them I ask the golfer to make the set up to the ball and then I hold onto the golf club so I can give them the correct feel of what the club should be doing in a good swing.   As I try to move the club with them I can feel the tension running through their grip. It comes as no surprise that their golf swing is leaking power with all the excessive tension they are demonstrating.

Just take a minute to think about the best players in the world, they look relaxed and their swing looks effortless,  this results from putting the right kind of effort in.

So how can we achieve this ourselves?


Tension kills all the power in the golf swing



Good grip pressure on a scale of 1 – 10, 1 being the lightest and 10 the tightest your grip pressure should be around 3

A key when setting up to the golf ball is to ensure that you keep your grip pressure relaxed. The best way of doing this is to think about your forearms, if you keep these relaxed it is impossible to have tight wrists and a tight grip.

Keep your chin held up and your neck muscles relaxed as this will also contribute in making a good athletic body turn which in turn leads to power. Remember your arms and wrists are the levers in a golf swing so keeping these relaxed adds to increased speed.

I suggest you start with an 8 iron and make some small swings first, just clipping the ball away in a very relaxed fashion, you will be amazed at the distance you can create from a short and relaxed golf swing.

When I get my clients to do this they normally say to me “I am hitting the ball just as far as I would have done with a full swing” and my reply to them is “you are now putting the right kind of effort into each swing”

Once you are comfortable with the short swings, step up to full swings and move up the bag to the DRIVER keeping the same relaxed feelings.

Enjoy the extra yardage……..

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