Increase Your Power from the Tee


If you are looking to increase your distance, read on and practise this…….

A great tip for you to memorize is to let your weight move in the direction the club is swinging. When you make a backswing the weight should shift into your trail leg and when you make the transition into the downswing your weight shifts to target side leg.

A huge common problem and fault I see all the time with amateurs and very short hitters of a golf ball is the reverse pivot. This is where the weight stays on the front foot during the backswing and more often than not falls to the back foot in the downswing. This is such a weak move and saps energy out of your golf swing.

I have a great tip/drill for you to practise and it is going to give you the instant feeling of the correct weight shift in the golf swing. Take your driver and set up in your driver stance, but the only change is to make a narrow stance, no more than a foot apart. I would like you to make a backswing that is nice and slow and smooth and as you swing back step out with your trail foot. This move will give you the sensation of loading up your trail leg. Make sure to keep the weight on the inside of the foot. Now you are in such a powerful positon to transfer the weight into your target side as you make your downswing. We have now power – charged your golf swing……

I get asked all the time “should I keep my head dead still as I swing the club back” and my answer to that is NO!

As you turn your chest and shoulders in the backswing your head will swivel and moves ever so slightly away from the target.

One thing for sure is that golfers who try and keep their head frozen and dead still will cause bundles of tension as they try to swing the golf club. Let your head move naturally as you swing to the top and watch those drives bomb down the centre of the fairway each and every time.


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