How to Play – The Bare Lie Chip Shot


This shot seems hard to execute, but often a simple piece of club selection can make a big difference. Modern wedges come with a variety of bounce options (the amount of bulge on the club’s sole). From a tight lie you need a club with minimal bounce, and that means your normal pitching wedge or even a 9 iron. Armed with the right weapon, you’ll find the technique a lot easier to master.


Face – on

  • Let your body weight favor your left side on a ratio of 65/35. It will make the swing have a slightly steeper angle of attack than normal, promoting a slightly sharper downward motion. Any contact with the ground before the ball will ruin this shot; a downward strike helps stop this happening.
  • Position the ball opposite your back foot instep. This positions your hands ahead of the ball which again sets up a downward strike, further encouraging a clean strike.

Down the line

  • Address the ball with a slightly open stance. It makes it easier to deliver the club down the target line through the hitting area.
  • Grip the club as normal, making sure that you keep your arms and hands nice and relaxed.


As you make the backswing, keep your wrists as passive as you can and keep your body weight favoring the left side. The motion will be steeper than normal.

This lie leaves no margin for error, and a wristy action males a precise impact very hard to time. So throughout the backswing keep your wrists quiet by keeping the clubhead outside of your hands. Do not allow your wrists to flip the clubhead in behind your right leg.

Forward Swing
As you start the downswing, make sure that your hands are leading the clubhead down on a steep path into impact, having your body weight very much on the left side, supports this. 

Hitting Zone
Just after impact, aim to make contact with the ground. This is natural progression of a downward strike and proves to you that you have hit down correctly. If the club is not striking the ground, your action is in a danger of getting wristy and flicky  – an action that leads to fats and thins.

Follow – Through
Even at the end of the follow – through you should still feel that your hands are leading the clubhead. At no point should you be allowing the clubhead to overtake the hands. If you do allow the clubhead to overtake it makes a clean strike almost impossible.

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