How to Gain Extra Yards From the Tee


Set Up With The Right Spine Angle

It amazes me how many golfers set up with the spine angle in a totally wrong position, especially with the driver. I can only assume that because the ball is further away from them and forward in the stance for the driver, they feel that their head and eyes are set too far behind the ball. Therefore they feel the need to  set up to the ball with an incorrect spine tilt in an aid to reach for the ball. With the incorrect spine tilt the shoulders can get too open at address causing an off plane golf swing, which again is going to lose you distance, control and accuracy.

Both of these pictures show poor classic spine angle. The spine tilting towards the target with the shoulders aiming too far left of target. Setting up in this fashion leads to poor weight distribution at the set up. 

To set the correct spine tilt for the driver I would like you to do the following –

Power 3

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart holding the club up so it matches your spine and then take a small side bend away from the target. Now bend from the waist and flex at the knees softly to set the correct posture angles, this will give you the feeling that your core and thighs are engaged. You can now see that the correct spine angle has been achieved with the upper body tilted away from the target. This naturally puts 60% of your weight into your trail leg and will help promote the correct angle of attack.

A very solid square set up with the feet, knees, hips, arms, shoulders and eyes all parallel to the target line.

The other very important benefit of achieving the correct spine angle at the address with the driver is that it helps to keep your body alignment parallel to the target line. This will help your accuracy tremendously and all in all creates a very powerful set up to produce maximum distance.

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