How to Find More Yards – Your Wrists Could be the Key



The wrists are a power source in the golf swing for creating distance.

To get the correct feeling of using the wrists in the golf swing I want you to practise hitting some shots with a 6 iron from a low tee peg. Place a tee peg in the butt of the club and stand with your feet 10 inches apart and address the ball with your regular stance.  Make some half swings and when the left arm reaches parallel to the ground in the backswing the wrists should be fully cocked.  In turn the tee peg in the butt of the club will be pointing directly down at the ground.

As you make your forward swing through impact the wrists will uncock. As you swing through to a point where the right arm reaches parallel to the ground and the tee peg is pointing directly down, you will notice that the wrists will be fully cocked once again. Keep this working in harmony with your body turn and this will create a freewheeling motion of the golf club. This drill will lead to increased clubhead speed and more power and distance.

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