GPO USA Presents the Flagmaster 1800 Golf Laser Rangefinder


For those that hit their driver 1,500-plus yards, here’s a range finder for you. The new six-power Flagmaster 1800 Golf Laser Rangefinder allows the golfer to capture the targeted distance out to 1,800 yards, and it offers an array of high-tech features that help golfers make more confident golf swings.

The new Flagmaster 1800 features advanced optics and the latest rangefinding technology. In addition to its proprietary GPObright™ high-transmission lens coatings, this rangefinder is equipped with a fast-focus ocular that helps you quickly zero in on the object you want to range. Find the flag in the viewfinder, and press the range button. When the flag distance is confirmed, the rangefinder will vibrate (short vibrating bursts for sensory notification), a circle will appear around the flag icon visible in the display and the distance will be displayed.

All the bells and whistles are included with this range finder

The GPO Flagmaster 1800 is equipped with two different flag-finding technologies to assure a flaglock distance can be acquired. This unique system will first look for the reflective prism located at the top of the golf course flag pin. If that is not available, the Flagmaster 1800 will convert to a close-target distance function. This dual system assures a flaglock distance every time. LOS (line-of-sight) and SLOPE modes are also integrated into the Flagmaster 1800. The LOS mode will measure the exact distance to your target.

“We seek to offer the most technologically advanced products at a price that is affordable for all players,” said Mike Jensen, GPO owner and CEO. “We use the very best designers, materials, manufacturing and quality control available in the world. The Flagmaster 1800 is our masterpiece for ranging on the course.”

The Flagmaster 1800 comes equipped with a hard-molded case, carrying strap with a carabiner clip, microfiber cleaning cloth, loop wrist strap, Duracell™ CR2 battery and multi-language instruction book. It comes with a two-year warranty. Suggested retail price is $389.99.



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