Golf Offers a Unique Opportunity to Emulate Your Idols


You will never fly through the air like Michael Jordan, drive a racing car like Lewis Hamilton or throw a touchdown pass like Peyton Manning but, for a fleeting moment, you might hit a better shot than either Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus.

The truly magical hole-in-one allows you, albeit for just a brief moment, to bask in the glory of knowing that, at that particular place and time, on that particular hole and with that precise shot, no one on the planet could do any better than you.

Then soak up the rock-star glory as everyone you have bought a drink toasts your remarkable achievement!

Amateur golfers have about a 1 in 12,750 chance of recording a hole in one on a typical par three. The odds of a professional golfer making a hole in one are roughly five times better at 2500 to 1. At a professional tournament, the odds of a hole-in-one are surprisingly short. Most PGA Tour events have a field of 144 players. The odds against an ace on a single day are approximately 4.5 to 1. This means that there is a hole-in-one at about half the PGA Tour events.

During the second round of the 1971 Martini International tournament at Royal Norwich Golf Club in England, John Hudson recorded two consecutive holes-in-one. The first came courtesy of a four-iron at the 195-yard 11th. At the next, a downhill 311-yard par four, a well-struck driver sent the ball rolling downhill and into the hole for the only consecutive holes-in-one ever recorded at a serious pro tournament.


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